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Code of Conducts for Consultants

Code of Conduct establish a set of minimum standards, which CTTI offering as a services (Consulting-as-a-Service - CaaS) to support European Innovation Council (EIC) applicants, commit to apply in relation to their clients.

Our Vision

We believe in Green Deal & Transformations

  • no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050
  • economic growth decoupled from resource use
  • no person and no place left behind. 

To acheive the goals we create innovations in the field of economics, societies, mobility, industry. We work in symbiosis with nature to protect our planet and health – People, Planet, and Profit.

Innovative solutions

Our services

  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Digital Product Password / Trackability of Data
  • Transfer Technology / Knowledge
  • Business Model / Plan + Exploitation Strategy / Market Research
  • Replication & Validation Strategy
  • Communication & Dissemination Strategy
  • Compliance with the DNSH principle assessment
  • Life-Cycle Assessment (environmental, economic, social)
  • Waste & Material Flow Management
  • Project proposal preparation, incl. Consortium set up
  • Project Management and Implementation

Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

Centrum Transferu Technologii – INNOVATIONS Sp. z o.o. (CTTI) applies the policy of equal opportunities by eliminating all forms and manifestations of discrimination, as well as promoting equal participation and access in all areas of social life and professional activity, regardless of gender. The implementation of the gender equality policy is facilitated by the introduction of the Gender Equality Plan (GEP).

The plan was developed in accordance with Art. 8 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, detailed in the Third EU Gender Action Plan III. In all its activities, CTTI primarily aims to eliminate inequalities between women and men, paying attention to the understanding of equality not only on the basis of gender, but also on the basis of nationality, origin, sexual orientation, religion, belief and disability.

The assumptions of the Gender Equality Plan are implemented by applying the following principles of organization and conduct:

  • increasing equality awareness among employees and managers and strengthening positive attitudes towards diversity,
  • ensuring gender equality in the process of recruitment and professional/scientific promotion,
  • promoting equal participation of women and men in decision-making processes,
  • observance of equal opportunities for women and men in initiatives aimed at scientific and professional development,
  • supporting the reconciliation of work and family life, with particular emphasis on childcare,
  • supporting fights against violence based on diversity, diversity and discrimination, and protecting and supporting its victims,
  • assessment of employee involvement based on the key of competencies and achievements,
  • monitoring and collecting equality data based on indicators for periodic reporting purposes.

Gender Equality Plan for CTTI.pdf

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